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Chicago Stock Exchange and CHX Holdings Elect New Chairman and Directors

The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) announced today the election of Michael H. Kerr as Chairman of the Exchange and CHX Holdings, Inc. Boards of Directors. Mr. Kerr has been a member of the Board of Directors of CHX and Holdings since April 2001 and February 2005, respectively.

Also announced were the elections of Kruno Huitzingh, David M. Kelly, Russell J. Saletta and Ben A. Witt to serve on the Board of Directors for CHX Holdings. Their three-year terms will expire in 2010. Mr. Huitzingh, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Saletta have previously served on the Holdings Board. This is Mr. Witt’s first time on the Board of CHX Holdings.

In addition, CHX elected the following persons to serve on the Exchange’s Board of Directors: Matthew D. Frymier, Kruno Huitzingh, David L. Grove, David M. Kelly, Brett W. Redfearn and Ben A. Witt. All of those elected, except Mr. Witt, are currently serving on the Board.

Dave Herron, CEO of the CHX and CHX Holdings, said, “CHX has been lucky to have a strong, forward-thinking board, and this election ensures that the board will continue to be one of our greatest assets. On behalf of the entire management team at CHX, I want to thank each of our new board members for their dedication.”