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Natexis Bleichroeder SA selects Atrium Network to connect to GL TRADE

Finexeo SA announced today that Natexis Bleichroeder SA chose the Atrium Network solution from Finexeo to access GL TRADE’s Front Office applications. Under this deal Natexis Bleichroeder SA now relies on the Atrium Network for the critical task of connecting its trading desks to GL TRADE.

Thanks to its resilient, reliable and secure infrastructure, users of the Atrium Network are able to benefit from low-latency and high availability connectivity to GL TRADE applications.

Uniquely, thanks to the large capacity deployed on the client’s site, users of the network can themselves manage and monitor the trading connection using the secure network management console provided by Atrium Network. This gives clients more control, enabling faster and more flexible response to changing trading requirements and connectivity to external parties such as clients, exchanges or post-trade venues. This overcomes a common problem where urgent changes required by traders have to wait for an external organisation to carry out their administration process.

“Atrium Network team brings in very valuable expertise that allows us to define a high performance and reliable architecture for GL TRADE delivery. They met our expectations both in terms of delivery and service.” said Bernard Robin, IT Manager at Natexis Bleichroeder SA.

"Atrium Network solutions deliver GL TRADE connectivity to tens of customers. The addition of a global broker such as Natexis Bleichroeder SA to our portfolio further demonstrates our ability to deliver highly performing yet cost efficient solutions for the financial industry. This is largely due to our state of the art monitoring and provisioning system which enables us to bring back the control of a managed network into the hands of the customer”, comments Emmanuel Carjat - CEO.