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Improves Developer Productivity with Increased Resources & Tools; Adds New Capabilities for Driving Flexible Application Development & Adaptive Run-Time Environment

StreamBase Systems Inc., the leader in high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP), today announced that version 3.7 of its stream processing platform is now available. The latest release, coupled with an enhanced developer environment, features significant new capabilities and resources for developing, deploying, and managing scalable CEP applications that can handle the most demanding real-time data volumes with the lowest latency.

“As CEP adoption continues to explode, enterprises everywhere must be able to rapidly develop and deliver sophisticated real-time applications,” said Barry Morris, Chairman and CEO of StreamBase. “The core drivers for our latest release are to further improve the productivity of our industry-leading graphical developer environment and to provide the ability to easily adjust and adapt application code on-the-fly. Many of the new capabilities in 3.7 are driven by the feedback we’ve received from our customers and partners, who continue to develop and deploy larger and more complex applications.”

The combined enhancements in this StreamBase release are focused in the following areas:

Increased Developer Productivity – To enable improved developer efficiency and productivity of high-performance CEP applications, StreamBase 3.7 offers the following new capabilities:

- New StreamBase CEP Application Modules help kick-start CEP application development through the reuse of application templates, scripts, and code in new applications. StreamBase CEP Application Modules are useful for accelerating the development and deployment of industry-specific StreamBase applications, especially those built by independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

- Improved Data Stream Visibility and Simulation includes enhancements to monitor and test the throughput and interaction of multiple data streams simultaneously. Additionally, stream simulations can be re-used across applications further collapsing the development cycle and enabling more precise testing and refinement.

- Additional StreamBase Developer Zone Resources include an updated version of the StreamBase Developer Edition offering additional capabilities to help accelerate the development, delivery, and testing of CEP applications. Additionally, new technical articles have been published with guidelines and additional insight into how to best apply the new capabilities of 3.7 into unique development environments.

Flexible Application Development – Another core area of focus for StreamBase 3.7 includes enhancements enabling CEP applications to more easily adapt to pre-existing IT environments. Highlights include:

- Increased End-to-End Connectivity is provided through new StreamBase adapters, which ultimately simplify and accelerate interoperability between StreamBase CEP applications and external data streams. Newly launched adapters include the StreamBase REDIPlus® adapter — providing connectivity to Goldman Sach’s REDIPlus electronic trading platform, and the
StreamBase Reuters Subscribing Adapter — enabling a StreamBase CEP application to receive data from Reuters RMDS, TIB, and Triarch market data systems.

- More Adapter Flexibility means that StreamBase adapters can be controlled independently, outside of the StreamBase applications they are associated with. Because developers are able to pause and resume adapters without having to interrupt the flow and output of the associated StreamBase application, this enables more rapid and efficient application development and testing.

- Enhanced StreamBase Java Toolkit also provides Eclipse-based wizards to quickly create templates and auto-generate code that will help to further drive the development and deployment of specialized CEP applications. Eclipse is the de facto standard for Java application development and is widely embraced by more than 2.2 million developers worldwide.

- Expanded Platform Support in StreamBase 3.7 includes compatibility with Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 or higher and extended support for 64-bit on RedHat Linux 4. StreamBase also supports Sun Solaris 10, Windows 2003, or Windows XP.

Adaptive Run-Time Environment – StreamBase’s new 3.7 version offers more robust options for the design and development of distributed and dynamic CEP environments, and improved testing and run-time capabilities. Highlights include:

- New StreamBase Server Containers enable multiple CEP applications to be connected and consolidated onto fewer servers, more effectively share resources, and scale with reduced development effort. This makes it easier to build and manage numerous large-scale CEP applications. And, since StreamBase Server Containers can be independently controlled and dynamically modified, users are now able to easily and quickly change running applications when updates to key parameters or analytics is required.

- Extended Concurrency with Data Parallelism offers the enhanced ability to perform a similar computation or analytic operation on various components of multiple StreamBase applications simultaneously. This provides optimal code reuse of specialized components which further accelerates the run-time performance of StreamBase applications. In addition, components that are selected for parallel use can run on separate physical machines in a cluster to better improve the overall throughput of StreamBase applications.