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First implementation of the new application servicing subsystem

Forbis Ltd. - A new FORPOST*Application Servicing subsystem, designed for managing applications of customers, has been implemented in one of the banks using the FORPOST system.

The analysts of the Forbis Company, guided by international banking business methods and principles, seek maximum automation and rationalisation of the work of bank employees. On this basis the Application Servicing subsystem has been improved. Here, the full cycle of request processing has been realised: starting with entering of the request data, its evaluation according to the set evaluation methods, through the consideration of the request in the task queues, up to decision-making and creation of a contract in the FORPOST system.

Flexible modelling of the application structure and processing procedures supports various types of applications, such as applications for loans, payment cards, promissory notes etc. After entering the application, its immediate evaluation is possible according to the described evaluation methods. Evaluation is performed in the user-system dialogue mode; thus the answer to the customer may be given directly by the bank employee serving this customer. While developing this subsystem new possibilities emerged for the development of functionality: automation of the application entering as well as using of external data sources for obtaining additional information. External data sources are used for automated filling of the application data and for verification requests; data transfer may be performed both synchronously and asynchronously. As for the information processing, there emerge great possibilities for processing and transformation of the obtained answer as well as viewing of the history of performed requests. While managing application documents and contracts the overall control of processing task execution and user actions is being performed.

In order to increase the speed of the decision-making process, the system stipulates automated creation of contracts according to the results of application evaluation. Thus the highest speed of customer servicing is achieved. On all the stages of operating the subsystem there is a possibility to import electronic copies of documents into FORPOST or any other database (in the latter case the FORPOST system will store only a reference to the copy).

Realisation of the application servicing has become a significant part of the FORPOST product system, guaranteeing the versatility and flexibility of the solutions. The Forbis Company is interested in constant development of its clients’ business, as well as in the diversity of services and products they provide. The specialists of the Forbis Company continuously study modern information technologies, as well as banking business development trends. Close co-operation with clients and market research ensure awareness of the situation on the market of banking services.