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IntercontinentalExchange Selects TradePVR for Monitoring FIX Connections

IntercontinentalExchange, the leading marketplace for futures and OTC energy contracts, has selected the TradePVR network appliance solution for monitoring and archiving FIX protocol connections.

Helium Systems LLC, a provider of network appliance and service solutions to the financial industry, announced today that IntercontinentalExchange has adopted the TradePVR system to monitor and archive their FIX protocol connections. TradePVR is a network appliance solution offering non-invasive monitoring of FIX traffic at the network layer.

"As an innovator in the derivatives space, we seek best-of-class partners to better serve our customers and advance our technology objectives," said Edwin Marcial, ICE's Chief Technology Officer. "With Helium Systems' FIX TradePVR, ICE is comprehensively monitoring its FIX traffic. Helium Systems' product is improving ICE's service levels without adding performance overhead." ICE was recently named to the "Wired 40" list, which recognized 40 of the most innovative companies in the world.

Alex Malone, President of Helium Systems, added, "As trading volumes increase, many firms are forced to devote more resources to the development of in-house tools for customer support and data analysis. TradePVR seeks to alleviate those costs by providing a network-based, plug-and-play solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions. It provides instant recall of FIX protocol transactions, measures microsecond-level latency on all requests, and provides high-level summaries and reporting capabilities. The TradePVR interface reduces the learning curve associated with the FIX protocol through its intuitive, dynamic search capabilities. Because the product is web-based, it can even be used by customers remotely, further reducing support costs."