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New TowerGroup Research Examines Fast-Evolving Space of "B2Bank" Integration

Financial institutions offering wholesale banking as a line of business to corporations currently face unrelenting pressure from clients to improve their integration technology services. New research from TowerGroup finds high expectations from clients regarding banking solutions that allow them to select communications protocols, data formats, and security methods to best meet their own requirements and integration capabilities. The integration challenge for large corporations is heightened as they try to manage hundreds, even thousands of global supply chain relationships (including banks) using consistent integration tools.

To meet these demands in a cost-effective manner, TowerGroup believes, banks must partner with technology providers offering deep expertise in business-to-bank (B2Bank) integration -defined by TowerGroup as the technology used to manage the connections between the applications running at a bank, and the financial and accounting systems of its corporate or other wholesale clients.

"Banks must demonstrate their commitment to providing corporate customers with robust and flexible integration solutions," said Susan Feinberg, Research Director of the Wholesale Banking practice at TowerGroup and author of the research. "With clients expecting higher levels of resiliency and service quality, real-time integration to accounting and treasury systems, and faster implementation of new products and services, banks need to choose the B2Bank solution provider that best aligns with their strategy to meet clients' objectives."

Highlights of the research include:

- Banks increasingly view B2Bank integration solutions as critical to the technology infrastructure needed for the deeper integration clients demand.

- B2Bank solution providers are approaching the market from a range of different perspectives - as well as offerings. Bank executives should determine which provider's vision best matches their own regarding the future demands for B2Bank integration capabilities. More specifically, banks must ask the question: which company is likely to provide the most successful long-term partnership for them and their clients?

- TowerGroup profiles vendor solutions for Managed File Transfer and B2B Gateways in this research, including those offered by: Axway; GXS; Sterling Commerce; Tumbleweed Communications; and WebMethods. TowerGroup estimates that this set of technology providers encompasses over 90% of the third-party, B2Bank integration solutions market.

The new report titled "Connecting Banks and Corporate Clients: B2Bank Integration Solution Alternatives," by Feinberg, examines the technology providers whose integration solutions are marketed to top U.S. and global financial services institutions for the purpose of managing connectivity between these banks and the systems run by wholesale clients.