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Yipes Announces New HawkEye fn System for Measurement of Response Time to Major Financial Exchanges and Trading Platforms

New System Gives Financial Customers Insight into Impact of Network Performance on Speed of Trade Execution

Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc. (, the leading provider of managed, end-to-end Ethernet solutions for enterprise customers, today announced HawkEyeSM fn, a performance measurement system for its Yipes FinancialConnect!SM platform. Yipes FinancialConnect! is the first Ethernet-based extranet for electronic trading capable of directly delivering high-speed financial market data to banks, brokers, hedge funds, and institutional investors. HawkEye fn gives customers visibility into the performance of their Yipes FinancialConnect! service from their premises to financial exchanges, Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs), and trading platform locations. Yipes is also introducing an upgraded version of its web portal, YipesCARESM, through which customers can access performance measurement data from HawkEye fn.

HawkEye fn monitors real-time data on network availability, latency, jitter, and packet delivery end-to-end from the customer’s premises to the Yipes point of presence at the exchange location. These measuring tools give financial institutions greater visibility into network performance and speeds. Traders are able to gain a very granular view of performance that enables them to determine the fastest paths to critical trading platforms.

“Financial customers want to be able to make trades faster, and that requires getting the best performance possible from their networks,” said John Panzica, general manager, financial services sector, of Yipes. “Not only does HawkEye fn give our financial customers the most extensive view of network performance, but also our Yipes FinancialConnect! platform offers the outstanding performance—high speed, low latency, low jitter, high availability, and high reliability—that only Ethernet can provide.”

“This new offering aligns well with market demand. In a recent Aberdeen survey, 64% of enterprises stated they are seeking network performance monitoring tools. This requirement has significant meaning for financial services firms where milliseconds matter most,” stated Joe Basili, research director with Aberdeen Group.

It is vitally important that financial market trading applications get fast access to financial exchanges and trading platforms. HawkEye fn provides the real-time, location-specific performance data that network administrators need to keep their networks running at peak efficiency.

Yipes FinancialConnect! is a secure Extranet built specifically for the demanding performance and reliability requirements of electronic trading and other real-time applications. The fully managed platform is engineered for the high-speed, high-performance delivery of financial data and trading applications. For customers that desire direct access to exchanges, Yipes FinancialConnect! provides a point-to-point connectivity solution from the customer premise to the exchange data center.