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YASU Technologies QuickRules Standard Edition Achieves “Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” Status

Solutions allows users of mySAP™ Business Suite to manage Business Rules via the SAP NetWeaver Portal

YASU Technologies, a provider of Business Rules Management Solutions (BRMS), today announced that its QuickRules Standard Edition 4.0SP2 of QuickRules BRMS suite has achieved “Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” status. BRMS helps enterprises automate their policy-driven decision-support systems for improving efficiency of operations and aids quicker updates to policy changes in IT systems.

To achieve Powered by SAP NetWeaver qualification, YASU Technologies has demonstrated that QuickRules Standard Edition 4.0SP2 can be successfully deployed on a J2EE-based deployment of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Release 6.40 and is accessible via the SAP NetWeaver Portal. This deployment has been tested and certified by the SAP® Integration and Certification Center.

Users of the SAP NetWeaver platform can now deploy the QuickRules Standard Edition through the SAP integration scenario for J2EE-DEP. Users of the mySAP™ Business Suite family of applications can manage business rules through the SAP NetWeaver Portal by integrating QuickRules Standard Edition through the SAP EP-BP integration scenario.

mySAP Business Suite applications and QuickRules Standard Edition can now be integrated on a single platform. This helps customers reduce integration and maintenance costs and assists decision makers in establishing policies that are agile to market dynamics by accessing, changing and executing business rules from within the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

QuickRules Standard Edition complements mySAP™ Business Suite applications by creating dedicated environments for policy capture (IT units) and management (decision makers). This milieu breaks downs barriers in coordination and ensures smooth knowledge flow among various units in an enterprise.

Satish Madhira, CEO, YASU Technologies adds, “Achieving Powered by SAP NetWeaver status of QuickRules Standard Edition is a milestone. The adaptation to dynamic customer needs that was demonstrated during the certification process gives us confidence that the customers of YASU Technologies that are also using SAP solutions in industries ranging from capital markets, insurance underwriting, mortgage lending, compliance, CRM, and others will benefit from the operational and opportunity costs provided by the integration.”

The SAP NetWeaver platform powers the mySAP Business Suite, SAP xApps™ packaged composite applications, and solutions such as QuickRules Standard Edition from YASU Technologies. SAP NetWeaver unifies integration technologies into a single platform and is pre-integrated with business applications, enabling change and reducing the need for custom integration.