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Quant House named TT Connected Partner for its QuantFACTORY trading strategies development framework

Quant House today announced it has joined Trading Technologies International, Inc.’s (TT’s) TT Connected Partner Program with its trading strategies development framework, QuantFACTORY.

Quant House is a provider of end-to-end solutions including low latency market data technologies, trading strategies development framework, execution engine and proximity hosting services for program trading firms who want to trade ahead.
The QuantFACTORY suite of products is composed of QuantDEVELOPER, QuantDATACENTER and QuantENGINE.

Through the TT Partner Program, the QuantFACTORY development framework will connect to TT's high-performance exchange gateways via TT's FIX Adapter and X_TRADER® API.

"TT is pleased to welcome Quant House as a TT Connected Partner," said Jerry O’Connor, VP API Connectivity of Trading Technologies. "The combined QuantFACTORY, TT FIX Adapter and X_TRADER API solution can bring automated trading to new levels by enabling QuantFACTORY users to route orders through TT’s ultra-fast, reliable exchange gateways."

"The QuantFACTORY framework provides proprietary desks and hedge funds the ability to quickly optimize their trading strategies' development cycle in order to take advantage of market opportunities by reducing the time to research, develop, back test and run trading strategies on the market.” added Pierre Feligioni, CEO and co-founder of Quant House.

"We are pleased to become a TT Connected Partner," said Stephane Leroy, Quant House Head of global Sales & Marketing. "Our experience shows that TT is widely used throughout the hedge fund community. The integration with TT's FIX Adapter and X_TRADER® API allows our customers to leverage TT's exchange gateways to research, simulate, optimize and automate complex quantitative trading strategies."

The TT Partner Program is for organizations that are interested in connecting their trading solutions to TT's high performance exchange gateways via FIX Protocol or the X_TRADER API. The TT Partner Program provides member firms with a suite of valuable development, support and marketing resources. Partner firm products might include algorithmic trading, automated trading, back/middle office processing, consulting services, direct market access (DMA) platforms, integrated trading front ends, order and execution management, risk management and trading development frameworks.