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ReferenceDataFactory Announces Integration Data Model for Market and Security Data

ReferenceDataFactory LLC (RDF) today announces the availability the RDF Integration Data Model. The model exposes security and market data in a comprehensive business centric representation. The model comes after three years of development and on the back of decades of direct experience integrating security and market data globally. Says Garry Wright, Managing Director and CIO at RDF, "The data model provides a standard business view of data across all asset types. This representation is meant to avoid the challenges of mining and integrating data delivered through operational and highly normalized models. In addition, the demormalized nature of the representation allows us to support immediate transformation to other dialects such as MDDL or FpML". Wright goes on to say "while the push toward adaptive service oriented solutions is inevitable, the success of these solutions will be defined by the business knowledge contained in the services."

In keeping with their adaptive approach, the RDF Integration Data Model is completely extendable, and can expose data through XML via messaging or web services or through a relational database implementation. In addition to providing advanced service orchestration capabilities, the RDF adaptive implementation provides an extendable base of expert business knowledge exposed through predefined services.