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FundWorks launches PowerPoint® builder application

FundWorks today announces the launch of FundPresenter, a new solution allowing organisations to manage and automate the production of PowerPoint presentations. Developed in response to market demand, FundPresenter is a user-friendly web-based application, facilitating the process of building and maintaining compliant presentations for internal or external use. Presentations are built by non-technical staff using a library of slides and highly customisable templates and graphical components. The solution is available as an enterprise installation or as a fully hosted service.

FundPresenter is built on FundWorks’ communications and reporting platform, allowing dynamic generation of PowerPoint slides from various data sources. The solution integrates with FundWorks’ data-mart; clients’ internal systems; market feeds, updating table and graph components with accurate, reliable and up-to-date data. FundPresenter also includes customisable workflow, security and audit control mechanisms to support multiple users and business teams across an organisation’s enterprise.

Theo Paraskevopoulos, Head of Marketing Services, says: “The solution is designed to address the requirements of both the enterprise and the end-user. FundPresenter caters for the compliance and process management needs of asset management firms for as well as employees’ desire for a clean and intuitive production environment”.

Simon Rose, Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “The launch of FundPresenter demonstrates our commitment to delivering value-added solutions within our client communication and reporting platform. Either standalone or as part of the overall platform, FundPresenter offers asset managers a fresh and innovative solution to the age-old problem of publishing compliant corporate and client-specific presentations”.