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Sterci successfully certified for SWIFTNet RMA with Stelink

Sterci, the leading international software provider of STP solutions, today announced that its financial messaging technology Stelink is fully certified by SWIFT for RMA.

Sterci has successfully passed qualification for usage of their RMA for SWIFTNet phase 2 with their pilot customers, after passing the initial qualification test and conformance test at their laboratory applying the SWIFT test facilities. The detailed information is published on and on Sterci reports an enthusiastic reception from their existing customers for their 4 web based RMA user interface. With more than 100 banks having ordered Stelink RMA, Sterci is one of the market leader’s independent of SWIFT interface.

The product will be released for all Stelink customers in February 2007 with version 9.2. Stelink RMA can also be installed as a stand-alone RMA solution that will interoperate with an existing SWIFT FIN application.

Etienne Savatier, marketing director of Sterci, said: “We are proud to be one of the first Independent Software Vendors to be fully certified. It demonstrates to our customers our strong commitment to comply with SWIFT standards evolution. Our RMA is regarded as highly functional, browser deployable and suitable for multi-hub environments. Our Stelink product is the only product in the world that offers the full range of SWIFTNet services access (FIN, RMA, FileAct, InterAct) from a single application. Stelink has proven its performance scalability with a benchmark throughput of 550’000 messages per hour”.