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TradeOMS Introduces Excel-Based Market Making Tool

Trade Order Management Solutions, Inc., a provider of automated and algorithmic trading solutions, has developed a quick, simple, and reliable way to make markets directly out of Excel. The unique solution combines the best of Excel’s usability and FIX, allowing a trader’s proprietary formulas, macros, and VBA code to drive hundreds of thousands of trades per day.

Easing the regulatory burden of always having orders in on both sides of the market, a TradeOMS solution is custom made for your style of business. A trader can make changes to the model and not need to know anything other than Excel. Once automated, your traders can focus on your business strategy, and less on the grunt-work of trading, canceling, and replacing.

Ready to be put into operation in a few days or weeks, a solution from TradeOMS does not require hiring a programmer or converting your strategies to Java or C++. It comes bundled with a trading blotter that can be used for single order entry, and it automatically reports the orders and executions back into Excel. Using this simple solution, we have seen our clients go from placing hundreds of orders a day and being stressed and trapped at their desks, to being free to walk away while tens of thousands of orders easily and reliably are placed and executed.