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- New MSHARE version provides solutions to view and report trade activity in omnibus accounts
- Enhanced reporting functionality to identify and track market timers

Linedata Services, a global leader in the financial technology market, announced today the latest release of MSHARE, its transfer agency system that supports retail and institutional investment funds and offers users functionality to comply with SEC Rule 22c-2.

SEC Rule 22c-2 requires mutual fund companies to enter into agreements with intermediaries, such as broker-dealers, that hold shares on behalf of other investors in omnibus accounts. These agreements must provide access to transaction information in these accounts, enabling the funds to enforce restrictions on market timing and similar abusive transactions.

The newest version of MSHARE provides users with enhanced reporting functionality that help identify suspicious trading activity and flag investors and brokers as possible market timers. Criteria can be set at fund level to track market timers, including the ability to set value limits and investment period date ranges. Validations and warnings are available to the users at order entry and transaction processing stages.

Another new feature is the NSCC Networking Standardized Data Reporting Module which allows funds to request details on trades made within omnibus accounts, ensuring that intermediaries are in compliance with the fund's market timing and short-term trading policies.

These new features, along with MSHARE's existing Redemption Fee functionality and interface to Short Term Redemption Fees with NSCC Records, allow users to effectively and easily comply with Rule 22c-2.