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Actuate 9 Marks First BI Solution with Server-Generated Spreadsheets and Native PowerPoint Reports

Latest Actuate 9 Release Adds Ability to Centrally Generate and Manage Native Microsoft PowerPoint Reports

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the world leader in Enterprise Reporting and Performance Management Applications that empower 100% of users to achieve breakthrough corporate performance, today announced that Actuate 9 SP1, with its new support for native Microsoft PowerPoint, now allows users to choose from the complete range of Microsoft Office formats for viewing and communicating mission-critical corporate performance information. Actuate 9 SP1 will be available in December 2006 and allows everyone to benefit from Business Intelligence applications by giving end users the power to choose the most appropriate format for the information and the audience. This broad diversity of format choices eliminates the need for users to manually transfer information into other formats, which can introduce errors.

“One of the most significant bottlenecks in the communication of information has been the arduous process of preparing and formatting information for group consumption,” said Jeff Morris, director of product marketing at Actuate. “Traditional processes require manual steps to compile, format and assemble documents and slide presentations that contain report data. Because of this manual process, updating the same document and presentation requires the user to repeat all the steps, which ultimately reduces the speed with which organisations can leverage information to react to business trends.”

Actuate 9 e.Report can now centrally generate and manage native PowerPoint documents that contain enterprise report data. Users can now have the confidence that the data within all common Microsoft Office report formats -- Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations -- is up-to-date, error-free and immediately ready to distribute.

Actuate 9 e.Report now includes PowerPoint along with its extensive list of supported brochure-quality formats. End users can now expedite the production of PowerPoint presentations by selecting PowerPoint as their “save as” format. The Actuate iServer then delivers the report, or the pages specified by the user, in a ready-to-deliver PowerPoint presentation.

Actuate e.Report PowerPoint output can be securely delivered to millions of users by leveraging Actuate’s Page-Level Security and the industry’s most scaleable platform, the Actuate iServer. PowerPoint presentations can be scheduled, downloaded on demand and traded via email, as any other report format from Actuate. Further, each user controls and selects their output format without re-executing the report. Actuate e.Report selections now include Adobe PDF, DHTML, e.Analysis graphic visualisation, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word (RTF), text and XML.

Single platform for all content options

Actuate 9 SP1 iServer supports all content generation options by adding e.Reports, Actuate Query and Actuate Analytics to the platform that already includes e.Spreadsheet, BIRT Reports and BusinessReport Studio.

Actuate 9 SP1 e.Report Designer Professional enhancements

• Information Object Exporter generates Information Object maps from e.Report queries in order to quickly reuse queries across reports and report options such as BusinessReports and e.Spreadsheet.
• Enhanced Dynamic Text Control for creating magazine, newspaper and brochure-style blocks of text as word processors can. Text with full justification and soft hyphen support combine with keep-with-next and keep-together properties to provide true “Brochure-Quality” reports.
• Bubble Charts are an added chart type, and chart formatting is improved with finer control over chart labels.
• Visually Rich Data-Driven Vector Graphics are improved with the addition of predefined Actuate Basic functions, ‘sample image’ displays during design and expression properties to define state changes within the widget. Now junior application developers can build high-fidelity dashboard widgets and report graphics.
• Developer Productivity and Reuse are further improved with many new property dialogs and enhancements including formatting dialogs to set basic and conditional formatting properties as well as custom property and custom data type definition dialogs that help speed and simplify report development.