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Netik LLC, the industry's leading financial services data warehouse today announced Netik Asset Manager, an off-the-shelf pre-packaged ‘plug-and-play’ business solution that sits on top of Netik InterView™data warehouse specifically to support the complex information needs of investment management firms.

The Netik Asset Manager ensures that all the appropriate data are collected from multiple back-end systems (including portfolio accounting, performance and risk engines) and organized into business Explorers so that the senior executives can browse the information that is specific to their role. The solution consists of a number of pre-configured applications and components of the Netik InterViewtm data warehouse platform. The off-the-shelf Netik Asset Manager solution is shipped with:

Adapters/Public Interfaces for Order Management, Portfolio Accounting, Risk Analytics, Performance, post-trade Compliance monitoring, CRM, and Market and Reference Data;
Pre-configured Workflows and reconciliation scenarios for creating a Single Version Of The Truth (SVOTTTM);
Netik Role-based Explorers that contain sets of inquiries to support senior executives in their quest to follow a train of thought and quickly understand what’s happening in their part of the business;
Netik Enterprise Reporting for delivering a starter set of board room quality paper reports, including monthly statements, complex quarterly report packs and marketing fact sheets.

John Wise, Chief Executive Officer, Netik states: “Netik Asset Manager is the culmination of years of product executed in response to Netik’s customers’ who wish to view consolidated data as information, and transform information into knowledge, whether this be driven by their internal front, middle and back office functions or their external customers. Today it is common for a typical asset manager to seek the data he needs from multiple places (including OMS, portfolio accounting, performance and risk systems) throughout the enterprise resulting in many quality and operational difficulties. Plus, he then struggles to quickly gain meaning from the data.” Wise continues: “Even though the Asset Management community is starting to understand that data warehousing is the answer, it has not fully embraced this approach because of lingering concerns about run-away costs and high project risk issues; there are just too many examples of failed in-house data warehouse projects. Many people fail to understand that building a data warehouse internally is the exact same lunacy as attempting to build an accounting system in-house. Today, Netik Asset Manager solves the problem of run-away costs because of its ‘plug-and-play’ approach. The Netik Asset Manager comes with a known time-to-market and cost-to-market, and enables the immediate leveraging of data as information, and information as knowledge.”

Netik Asset Manager’s sophisticated inquiries, views, and reports provide information on portfolios, securities, positions, lots, transaction and cash flows as well as performance and risk data. Drill-downs give access to more detailed information with a single click allowing a user to follow a train of thought. Off-the-shelf sets of inquiries are organized so that entitled users can analyze such issues as AUM, shape of portfolios, portfolio performance, fund manager performance, client analysis, business flows, risk budget utilization, etc. Inquiry results may be displayed in traditional tabular form, or together with predefined charts or graphs through browsers and board quality reports.

Colin Close, Chief Information Officer, Netik adds, “Netik Asset Manager solves the problem of rapidly and safely assembling the firm’s Single Version Of The Truth SVOTTTM and leverage this to assist the senior executive team to manage the firm better and to enable it to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.”