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Tradar Insight Launch

The launch of Tradar Insight, a comprehensive portfolio management platform, designed for the hedge fund industry, is announced today. To celebrate the event, a champagne reception, by invitation only, will be held at fashionable London night spot Albannach, 66 Trafalgar Square, on Thursday, 23rd November, from 6.30-11.00pm.

Tradar Insight

Developed using the latest Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL server technology, Tradar Insight delivers robust and easy-to-use portfolio management and fund accounting to hedge fund managers. Insight offers coverage of a wide range of instruments and is capable of supporting a diversity of investment strategies. It also provides a secure, flexible means of managing and storing trade data. A scalable and highly configurable platform, it is suited both to small start-ups, and to large, well-established firms, carrying out many millions of transactions per year.

Current market conditions

Hedge funds are under greater pressure than ever to operate efficiently, improve decision-making and offer better client service. At the same time, greater use of prime brokerage services by hedge funds, and the resulting need for hedge funds to integrate with prime brokers’ IT systems, is creating a number of technological challenges. Finally, as regulatory scrutiny grows, better security measures and auditing procedures are becoming ever more necessary. It is with the challenges of today’s, highly competitive hedge fund market in mind, that Tradar Insight has been developed.

Viewing performance data in real time

In order to improve the decision-making process, the Insight platform allows users to view performance data in real time. Live PnL can be viewed on a tick-by-tick basis utilising real-time third party data links. Data can be sorted by fund, trading book, trader, as well as by strategy, sector, country and many other variables. Importantly, fund Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) can also be calculated and tracked. In addition, stop-loss and target price functionality is available.

A comprehensive portfolio summary

To assist, in particular, the Front Office, Tradar Today View (TV) provides a comprehensive portfolio summary, conveniently allowing the entire portfolio to be summarised on one page and enabling traders to keep a close eye on overall performance. Insight also allows viewing of the portfolio’s top winners and losers, gross or net exposure, as well as portfolio performance analysis on an intra-day, month-to-date or even year-to-date basis. Portfolio analysis can be carried out on either an ad hoc or drill-down basis.

Support for the trader is further enhanced by Insight’s Integrated Order Tracker. Using this feature, the progress of orders (e.g. outstanding orders and fills) can be monitored. Once orders have been executed, they are routed automatically to the database server, overcoming any need for time-consuming duplicate data entry.

Accurate & detailed reporting

As investors demand greater understanding as to how returns are generated on their behalf, detailed reporting capabilities become more essential for hedge funds. In response, Tradar Insight provides highly flexible and customisable reporting features. Using Insight’s “Drag and Drop” reporting feature, reports can be configured to reflect a variety of criteria, for example, performance, position and exposure.

Tradar Insight offers a number of other features, including:

Automatic prime broker reconciliation & reporting

The Open Data Exchange feature provides automated prime broker reporting and reconciliation. Manual processes are minimised as the reconciliation of cash, positions, and transactions with leading prime brokers can be carried out automatically. Exception reports are also generated automatically. Using Insight’s advanced technology hedge funds can integrate easily with other third party systems, for example, feeds from pricing data providers.

Integration with order management systems

In addition, Tradar Insight integrates with commercially available trade order management systems, enabling straight-through trade flow to avoid duplicate entry.

Scheduler and Workflow Engine

To further streamline the overall trading process, Insight’s workflow engine has been designed to allow users to schedule automated tasks such as pricing, corporate actions processing, reconciliation, plus report generation and distribution.

Compliance & security

Tradar Insight has a full server-based audit trail, as well as user administration and security (based on the Windows security model). Designated administrators can, as a result, track any changes made on the system, set up custom audit logs, as well as limiting access to all features and functions on a user basis.