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Trace Financial cements relationship with Reuters by incorporating the ISO 15022 Corporate Actions Data Feed into its CAMS Corporate Actions Management System

Trace Financial Limited (part of Trace Group plc) today announced that its market leading Corporate Actions Management Systems solutions CAMS and CAMS Connect, have successfully tested and taken in Reuters Datascope for corporate actions data feed.

CAMS and sister product CAMS Connect provide a secure, reliable, fully audited, exception-based processing environment for corporate event processing. Using workflow technology, all aspects of the corporate action lifecycle are covered. CAMS Connect concentrates on event data capture, rationalisation and reconciliation aspects, whilst full CAMS extends this functionality into the complete event life-cycle, including decision capture, deadline monitoring and custodian instruction for elective events.

Caroline O’Shaughnessy, Head of Third Party Alliances for Reuters DataScope, said: “Reuters continued commitment to deliver Swift ISO15022 Standard message formats to the Corporate Actions market is demonstrated by the alliance with Trace Financial. The CAMS application now offers an automated, highly configurable solution to deliver Reuters DataScope global data content with the objective of simplifying process workflow and reducing operational Risk for our clients.”

Nick Tonge, Director, Sales and Marketing at Trace Financial commented, "We are continuing to invest heavily in CAMS to maintain the strength of our position in the market place. However, this latest initiative required no additional development, which validates the robust architecture designed to support all in and outbound communications using ISO15022 and other messaging protocols”.

He further added, “We are very excited to launch our relationship with Reuters and build on our respective strengths and provide significant long-term business opportunities for both companies".

Linda Letch, Director, Business Consultancy at Trace Financial explained, “Taking Reuters ISO15022 feed into CAMS utilised our generic import and transformation mechanisms. This inherently makes sense of the complexities of ISO15022. Users of CAMS are insulated from the multitude of variations and inconsistencies that can be found in these complex message structures. Adding new data sources simply becomes plug-and-play”.

John Murphy, Managing Director at Trace Financial concluded, “Trace Financial has once again demonstrated relevant expertise with a track record in this whole area. We are proud of the fact that we can readily demonstrate highly satisfied live reference sites, which clearly differentiates our offering from other suppliers”.