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Actuate and Webalo Make Spreadsheets Mobile

Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet and Webalo User Proxy Securely Deliver Mobile Business Intelligence to the Masses

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the world leader in Enterprise Reporting and Performance Management Applications that empower 100% of users to achieve breakthrough corporate performance, and Webalo, inventor of a new Web service, called the User Proxy, that “puts users in charge,” today announced that the two companies will combine efforts to deliver integrated, analysis-ready, managed spreadsheets to mobile devices.

Spreadsheets are the most popular analysis tool for business users, and the vast majority of these business users depend on a mobile device to increase their efficiency. Until now, spreadsheets have not been viable for delivery on mobile devices, because data housed within spreadsheets has not been able to be customised and presented to the masses in a scalable fashion. Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet (see press release of 9/25/2006 titled ‘Actuate Debuts SmartSheet Security to Customize Spreadsheets for Mass Distribution’) and Webalo’s User Proxy work together to address the user experience and inconsistencies in spreadsheet data in reports sent to mobile devices like RIM BlackBerry, Microsoft® Windows Mobile, Palm Treo and Java®-enabled smart phones, by combining the power of managed spreadsheets, mobile delivery and an SOA architecture.

Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting, are fast becoming a critical application for the mobile workforce, from executives to line managers, because decision makers at all levels are demanding immediate access to key performance indicators about their business. Webalo’s Mobile Dashboard, the first commercial installation of the User Proxy, delivers a BI mobility solution that helps improve productivity by reducing lost time, significantly increasing responsiveness and reducing IT costs, by enabling users to sense and respond to changes, in real-time. Webalo’s Mobile Dashboard is offered as a highly secure service, hosted by IBM with advanced security features that include password protected data at the individual user level, encrypted and authenticated data transmission and a secure (HTTPS) administrative console for the configuration of reports.

With this new collaboration, users of Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet will be able to receive time-critical Business Intelligence wherever they are. Getting a report from Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet to the Mobile Dashboard is achieved by answering questions in an easy online "wizard". Once this is done, continuously updated information is automatically sent by e.Spreadsheet to Webalo's Mobile Dashboard, which then delivers it to users’ devices.

Actuate and Webalo are working to maximise performance for very large enterprises by enabling Mobile Dashboard users to efficiently "pull" highly personalised spreadsheets from e.Spreadsheet on demand. The two companies are also working together to further streamline the set-up process by enabling the Mobile Dashboard to suggest options for mobile presentation based on information provided by e.Spreadsheet’s design blueprint.

“Many of our customers strive to address the issue of making spreadsheet analysis available to as many decision makers as possible to improve corporate performance, said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president of Marketing at Actuate Corporation. “Personalised, managed spreadsheets delivered to mobile devices, is the next step in ensuring users have accurate, actionable information at their fingertips. We’re excited to integrate with Webalo and feel that working in synchrony with them will deliver great value to our combined customer bases.”

”We believe that the future of Business Intelligence is to have complete access to all information regardless of the device on which it is being viewed and processed,” said Peter Price, Webalo president and CEO. “This announcement is an important step in realizing that vision.”