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BNP Paribas goes global with Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions and live in Moscow

Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, the leading provider of unified communications solutions to the trading community, is pleased to announce that BNP Paribas has gone live with its voice trading solutions in Moscow as part of its global upgrade programme.

In what is the first such installation in Russia, it is a significant installation for BNP Paribas and is part of their global programme to upgrade all their dealing rooms in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The programme is well underway, with the new dealing rooms up and running in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and now Moscow.

The Etrali Mach 3D turrets are now live in BNP Paribas’ Moscow Treasury dealing room. The new turrets are expected to boost the traders’ productivity and efficiency. Having replaced standard telephones with the powerful Etrali Mach 3D turrets on their desks, the traders now have a host of tools at their disposal. The Etrali Mach 3D is a future-proof turret with the vital and unique ability to combine Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP) technology. With easily assigned buttons and touch-screen technology, it offers top of the line trading features, including access to over 18,000 lines and a variety of call dialling and filtering options and requires far less desk real estate than a standard phone installation.

“The Etrali Mach 3D turret offers superior, productivity-boosting tools to our traders,” commented Daniel Bobelet, BNP Paribas Company Secretary in Moscow. “This installation will facilitate the expansion of our Treasury activity in Russia and enables the Moscow branch to be more closely integrated with our other Etrali-equipped dealing rooms around the world via the BNP Private Network. The Etrali Mach 3D also offers us the ability of easily migrating to IP without any disruption to our traders.”

“The Etrali Mach 3D voice trading system is becoming a core element within BNP Paribas trading rooms,” Bobelet continued. “In addition to the first rate functionality offered by the system, deploying it at numerous venues provides us with a host of additional benefits, including centralised IT support, increased trader mobility and robust business continuity planning.”

Commenting on the installation, the BNP Paribas account sales team at OBS – Trading Solutions, said: “With booming markets and a growing number of international banks setting up trading operations in Russia, this is the ideal time for us to be establishing a presence here. This is another example of the benefits banks can leverage by deploying our market-leading technology in multiple locations.”

The installation was achieved in partnership with the IP communication and network services arm of Orange Business Services, formerly Equant.

“This is a perfect illustration of the effectiveness of the Orange Business Services’ unified global business model, designed to facilitate the growing strategic trend among banks to standardise dealing rooms around the world using best of breed technology,” Laurent Barbé, Senior VP, Trading Solutions, said.