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Fidelity National Information Services’ Core Banking Suite Sets Record Performance

FIS’ Profile and Systematics Applications Benchmarked for Top-tier Bank Processing Requirements

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (NYSE: FIS), a leading provider of processing and technology solutions for financial institutions worldwide, today announced record-setting performance and scalability test results for its core banking solutions. FIS’ Profile and Systematics core banking solutions demonstrated superior levels of performance and efficiency for processing up to 50 million accounts on a single application instance.

The FIS Systematics core banking system completed batch processing of 40 million accounts in one hour and 30 minutes running on an IBM Z9-EC Model 715 with 15 processors under z/OS 1.6 with 64GB of memory. Systematics is a comprehensive suite of retail banking applications, offering componentized customer support, deposits, lending and financial and management systems. Used by some of the world’s most successful banks and financial services organizations, the Systematics solution is optimized for regional and national and global banks of any business structure or operational scale.

The FIS Profile real-time core banking solution was benchmarked at more than 3,000 on-line banking transactions per second on a 5 million account database and 2,600 transactions per second on a 50 million account database. Profile also processed 50 million interest accruals and balance accumulation updates at 13,224 transactions per second (48 million per hour).

Demonstrating its ability to scale vertically, the Profile benchmarks were run on a single IBM p-Series p5 595 partition with 16 processors. The configuration also included Profile Logical Multi-site Replication, which provides near-real time remote recovery with up to date transaction integrity.

The FIS Profile system is a real-time, multi-currency core banking system that delivers a customer-centric experience by implementing a single integrated database that includes all customer, banking, product, and account information. Loan and deposit product features are supported by an extensive inventory of dynamically configurable components that are shared across all banking lines of business. Profile supports more than 400 institutions spanning 16 countries, ranging from de-novo startups to top-tier global banks. Companies using Profile as their core banking system experience industry-leading total-cost-of-ownership benefits, including lower infrastructure costs, lower ongoing operating costs and increased productivity. Profile’s proven scalability of up to 50 million accounts and ultra-high availability make it a premier solution for core system transformation.

“Fidelity National Information Services continues to invest in operational scalability to exceed service level commitments and to demonstrate superior performance in the industry,” said John Gordon, president of FIS’ Leveraged Product Development division. “Systematics’ performance and capability continue to scale up, and our Profile solution is raising capacity limits throughout the financial services market.”