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Steform is SWIFTNet Ready 2006 for Funds

Sterci, the international software provider of STP solutions, today announced that
SWIFT has renewed its product Steform with the SWIFTNet Ready 2006
accreditation for Funds.

The SWIFTNet Ready label is awarded to applications that adhere to a specific set
of criteria linked to the support of SWIFTStandards XML messages (ISO 20022),
connectivity to SWIFTNet messaging service and with installed customer base.
Steform, the Sterci Intelligent message builder EAI, includes the complete set
SWIFTNet Funds 57 MX standard messages covering account management, order
flows, transfers, reconciliation messages and price & cash forecast reporting.

Steform can be used by any funds application for Inbound or Outbound flow of
information with an extensive mapping facility. Steform can select the right standard to be used according the message destination, ISO 15022 fund template MT502, 509, 515, 535 or the new ISO 20022 MX messages. The Steform access to
SWIFTNet InterAct Store and Forward protocol can be supported either through
SWIFTAlliance or Stelink. Steform has been recently selected by a major funds
industry player in Luxembourg for their new standard adoption project.

Michèle De Boe, SWIFTNet Funds Programme Manager SWIFT comments
“Availability of certified off-the-shelf EAIs that fully support all SWIFTNet Funds
functionalities hugely contributes to ease implementation and speed up market takeup.
We are very happy to work closely with Sterci, and the Steform SWIFTNetReady
2006 Funds label reflects their true commitment to help automate and standardize
the fund distribution industry.”

Etienne Savatier Sterci head of marketing adds “the Steform technology based on
Java and XML is ideal to ease the integration of the new standards into business
applications. The messaging libraries supported by Steform includes : SWIFT FIN,
ISO15022, ISO 20022 (Funds, Cash Reporting, E&I), FIX 4 to 4.4, SIC, Secom,
SARIE, InterPAY. Steform suits well in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to
provide to legacy applications the mapping and connectivity services for financial
messaging ”.