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For a limited time Linedata Services will be providing visitors to their website with complimentary Average Annual Total Return calculation reports. All visitors need to do is submit a list of NAV's and distributions and Linedata Services' MFACT software will complete the calculations, generate and email back a complete Average Annual Total Return report.

These are the same reports used by all '40 Act Funds on MFACT, Linedata's fund accounting and administration system. These reports also calculate both before-tax and after-tax returns (on a pre and post-liquidation basis). Many fund organizations do not have software that provide this functionality, forcing them to perform these calculations off-line on spreadsheets. The Average Annual Total Return functionality is a standard feature of the MFACT system, allowing MFACT clients to quickly and efficiently perform these calculations and produce reports at the touch of a button.

The Average Annual Total Return Analysis, as part of the SEC Release No.
16245 of the Investment Company Act, attempts to standardize published measurements of fund performance. The purpose of this measurement is to track an investment of $10,000 across standard periods of time, such as a month, a quarter, a year or 10 years, etc.

In addition to the SEC required time periods, MFACT allows users to generate these reports for many other, non-mandatory time periods. The Average Annual Total Return report also calculates both before-tax returns and after-tax returns (on a pre and post-liquidation basis), which is also required by the SEC.

Used by thousands of mutual funds, hedge funds, and trusts worldwide, MFACT is a fully automated fund accounting and administration system designed to support all aspects and phases of investment and financial accounting, particularly for organizations that must compute a net asset value (NAV).