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Actuate Performancesoft Track Provides Missing Link between Performance Metrics and Activities

Track Focuses Front-line Employees by Linking Their Daily Activities to Performance Metrics Critical to Organisational Success

– Performancesoft Inc., a division of Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), and a leading provider of Performance Management solutions, announced today the general availability of Actuate Performancesoft Track, a breakthrough Activity Management solution that can support the monitoring and management of virtually any type of initiative, program, plan or activity. The product allows users to go beyond the mere identification of a poorly performing metric to initiation of activities that improve performance. In addition to providing metrics-based visibility into activities, Performancesoft Track allows organisations to harvest and share best practices; deliver expected results to stakeholders; increase efficiency and enhance transparency organisation-wide.

Until now, organisations’ Activity Management options to initiate and track activities to improve performance have been limited to either desktop applications, such as spreadsheets, complex Project Management tools or simple Activity Management solutions. Standalone spreadsheets are not designed for Activity Management and do not meet enterprise level requirements for scalability, auditability, security, collaboration and transparency. Meanwhile, complex Project Management tools require specialised training and are not accessible to most potential users and simple Activity Management add-ons to Performance Management applications provide only schedule-based tracking of initiatives.

Actuate Performancesoft Track is a breakthrough Performance Management product that combines the powerful Activity Management features that organisations are now demanding with the browser based simplicity that users expect.

Actuate Performancesoft Track is suitable for managing highly complex strategic plans at various levels of an organisation, quality improvement programs such as Six Sigma, team projects or simple task tracking for individuals. Based on extensive research involving a wide range of users, Performancesoft Track contains user customisable templates for defining complex sets of activities, a sophisticated security model and powerful filtering and reporting capabilities.

"The combination of Actuate Performancesoft Views and Actuate Performancesoft Track provides a powerful package to visualise and take action on performance metrics associated with a company's strategy,” said Kim Collins, director, Data Solutions at CLG. “Actuate Performancesoft Views assists in pinpointing KPI's/metrics that require attention, as well as management intervention. For CLG, Actuate Performancesoft Track will provide a tool to assist in monitoring and guiding behaviour changes that help improve performance and rapidly achieve stated business goals. The ability for both tools to connect the highest levels of an organisation with the front-line performers adds the critical, and often times missing, component of organisational alignment."

“To successfully manage activities, organisations require a solution that is easy enough to use everyday, presents activities in the context of performance metrics and provides visibility for all stakeholders into their status, progress and results,” said Mike Tipping, president & CEO, Performancesoft Inc. “Actuate Performancesoft Track is the first application to truly empower executives, management teams and all individuals with the control, insight and collaborative tools they need to manage the activities that drive organisational performance forward.”