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Complinet launches new PEP Intelligence client screening service

The issue of Politically Exposed Persons screening is becoming the central tenet of any comprehensive screening regime and one that will become mandatory with regulation and legislation entering Statute books in various jurisdictions in the near future. Complinet’s Client Screening portfolio has been enhanced with a new PEP module allowing comprehensive checks against this category of person to complement the existing content sets. The module will include new content to cover former PEPs as established definitions of what constitutes a PEP remain opaque. This new database of 165,000 PEPs covers 10 vocational categories for more than 200 countries and territories globally. This improvement increases and enhances Complinet’s content within the following categories:

• Ex-PEPs and close family members of PEPs
• International organisations
• Focus on high-risk countries and jurisdictions

“This is a sizable PEP database, now holding a growing percentage of relatives and former PEPs. This addition fills a gap in the market and provides a useful tool for those who need to meet the more rigorous due diligence requirements of the 3rd ML Directive as well as new US regulation such as Section 312. We are pleased to be able to provide this module throughout our Client Screening portfolio, from single name checking to enterprise solutions”, said Rick Russell, Business Solutions Director.