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Open for business – Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ open systems approach

17 July 2006, New York, London: Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions (formerly Etrali), the leading provider of unified communications solutions for the trading community, explains its open systems approach.

Financial institutions are increasingly having to become more proactive, servicing a growing range of customer and information technology needs while keeping costs down. Information and its efficient distribution between systems is key. Opening Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ systems to integration with customers’ in-house and third party applications is a core strategy. This openness facilitates the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Straight-Through Processing (STP) and integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that are becoming increasingly important

Says Marie Anguera, Head of Global Products, at Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions: “Years of delivering systems and networks for voice trading activity have put us in an ideal position to respond to changes taking place in institutions. Customers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding, necessitating a joined-up, enterprise-wide approach to technology. Our move to open architecture is at the heart of helping our client base with this integrated approach – both the end users and the IT managers.”

Traders are using a combination of voice and electronic tools, requiring integration of voice trading systems with electronic environments. Much of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ recent development was focused on delivering an open system integration environment, giving customers the choice of using our proprietary tools for system supervision and accounting, or integrating them with in-house or third-party tools

Traders are now more accountable for the resources they use and need to be able to consolidate information from the trading system, the back office system, and use of real-time market data. To assist with this we have built a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows raw data to be exported from the voice trading system in a format that third-party software can utilise.

We have opened our system for CTI, delivering a range of benefits including more efficient communication and enhanced CRM and STP.

New developments include:

- Automated interaction between Orange Business Systems - Trading Solutions’ systems and Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

- Integration with front-office and front-to-back office applications, for example enabling traders to key deals into an order management system.

- Ability to import information from portfolio management, risk management and CRM systems, giving a trader instant information on customers’ guidelines, trading limits and trading history.

- CTI gives traders a full overview of customers’ activity, including open positions, trading history and other information, enabling better decisions to be made more quickly.

Opening the system will also bring benefits to IT managers. Leveraging the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Agent, they can use any legacy SNMP monitoring tool such as HP Open View to manage the trading platform in the same way as any other network equipment. The SDK Supervision tool can be integrated with any in-house monitoring system.