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London, July 2006 – Kurtosys Systems, a leading provider of reporting solutions to the investment management and asset servicing industry, announced today the latest release of it’s reporting platform comprising K.Reporter, K.DataManager, K.Workflow and K.ClientManager. Developed as a scalable offering for hedge funds, traditional asset managers, custodians, prime brokers, third party administrators and outsourcers, the modular Kurtosys solution provides an automated service that enables their customers to deliver aggregated views of investment information, including market values, asset allocations, exposures, performance results, and positions to internal users, investors and other third parties. An advanced data acquisition system for matching, aggregating, enriching and managing information from multiple sources enables Kurtosys to provide a comprehensive and coherent consolidated view of global investment assets covering all instrument types including OTC derivatives.

The Kurtosys solution delivers asset information via secure web services operating on a service orientated architecture. Its flexible reporting structure allows, for example, customers to view market valuations and positions, as well as absolute portfolio and/or benchmark returns. Kurtosys also provides users with the ability to customize their client taxonomies and data hierarchies down to individual portfolio, holdings and transactions in the currency of choice.

“Our suite of products has been specifically designed to address the perennial problem of data aggregation from multiple, disparate systems for the purposes of internal and external reporting. Our solutions provide a highly flexible entitlement and data layer which ensures that issues ranging from broker commission analysis through to daily portfolio performance can all be addressed through a scalable and flexible platform which is independent of source system architecture or technology” said Mash Patel, CEO of Kurtosys.

"We have designed our products so as to be independent of vendor technologies or platform specific issues which allows us to operate our service on any type of hardware or operating system. This flexibility enables us to match our clients’ preferences and provide systems on compatible application and database servers. By being early adopters of the whole service orientated architecture paradigm,
we are able to offer customer flexible solutions that integrate and support their existing systems and strategies. We deliver both client installed solutions and fully managed out sourced services”, said Harry Thompson, Chief Technology Officer at Kurtosys. "Our challenge was to develop a solution that can efficiently and cost-effectively meet the global marketplace's increased demand for comprehensive
data views and complex investment reporting. Our latest release of products does this both for smaller institutions and the very largest of global operations."

The Kurtosys solutions provide support for end client reporting, oversight, performance and risk measurement and control for investment management. Key capabilities include:

• Linking and aggregating data provided from multiple sources or service providers.
• Consolidated global asset information, performance results and risk data.
• Investor reporting and electronic report distribution through secure channels.
• Reports on investment activity including beginning and ending asset values, returns and transaction information.
• Time series analysis on investment holdings, performance and returns.
• Ability to drill down through the hierarchy of the information.
• Regulatory and third party reporting.