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Investors Heritage joins COSS and CrailHuntly to launch Combosurance

June 22, 2006

Huntersville, NC - Investors Heritage has selected COSS to develop its point-of-sale Life illustrations for the CrailHuntly Combosurance package. As a participant, Investors Heritage will be one of four carriers to underwrite and issue life policies under the first Combosurance package called Basic Permanent.

Combosurance enables consumers to simultaneously buy several policies from multiple insurance companies in one package. Consumers will have the convenience of one application process, one underwriting process, and one premium payment each due date.

"Traditional policies are designed to be competitively strong in one area, such as low price, high long-term cash value, or strong guarantees," states Bruce Gordon of CrailHuntly. "Unfortunately, these policies aren't strong in every area and it forces the consumer to make tradeoffs when purchasing a single policy. With Combosurance, the consumer leverages the strengths of each policy while mitigating any associated risks."

Investors Heritage Life President, Harry Lee Waterfield II is enthusiastic about the company's participation in Combosurance. "We are excited to be a part of this unique product package. We have worked closely with COSS and CrailHuntly in the design of the product and illustrations to develop a package that is convenient for both consumers and agents."