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Relegence MailTrack Provides Securities Professionals Timely Access to Critical Information

Real Time Information Enables Quick & Intelligent Trading Decisions

NEW YORK / LONDON/ SIA - booth #1429, June 21, 2006 – Relegence, the de-facto real-time search and news engine for the global financial services industry, today launched Relegence MailTracksm (MailTrack), a real-time application that centralizes workflow by filtering emails along with all other news, research and other information on the desktop into one interface. MailTrack extends Relegence’s proprietary filtering technology into the increasingly problematic area of email overload, answering securities professionals’ requests for a tool to help them cut through information clutter, helping them to manage their inbox and integrate their emails into their workflow.

MailTrack indexes corporate end-users’ email inboxes locally and creates direct links to any relevant emails which are based on a user-defined, custom interest list. MailTrack technologies scan the entire email, including the “To”, “From” and “Subject” fields, the email body, as well as any attachments such as PDF files, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Relegence’s proprietary analytics filter the emails to sort through the clutter and retrieve information that is most relevant to the query.

As one result, individuals, trading desks and departments can communicate internally in a much more productive manner, ensuring that emails reach the right people with the precise information at the appropriate time. MailTrack facilitates the making of timely and well-informed decisions.

“In today’s information-based society, individuals are continuously bombarded with information overload, particularly in their email inboxes, “said Steve Fadem, president and ceo at Relegence. “Cutting through this clutter is critical for securities professionals as the average financial services professional receives over 40% of their decision-imperative research via email every day. Client emails, research, internal memos, newsletters, personal emails and email attachments represent a massive amount of information to sift through, from which busy professionals need to make intelligent market decisions.”

MailTrack applies the same technologies deployed in the Relegence core solutions of Relegence FirstTracksm and Relegence Connectsm to help users manage their information overload, in this case their inboxes, making relevant emails into real-time alerts. When combined with FirstTrack or Connect, search results are displayed within the respective Relegence application combined with news, research, regulatory filings and the more than 20,000 sources utilized by Relegence to provide all relevant information to each end user.

Relegence will be demonstrating MailTrack at the SIA Technology Management Conference from June 20 to 22 at the Hilton, New York. You can find Relegence on the first level at booth number 1429.