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New York and London, June 21, 2006

BT Radianz, one of the leading global providers of financial services connectivity, announced today that ComStock, an Interactive Data business (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of real-time global market data, will use BT Radianz’s shared market infrastructure to expand access to its market data services to include PlusFeed, ComStock’s high-speed digital data feed, in both Europe and North America.

Leading banks, brokerages and money management firms use ComStock’s high-speed, real-time financial information globally to power their revenue critical market data applications. Distribution through BT Radianz can enable ComStock to reach more than 10,000 financial institution locations around the world.

Mark Hepsworth, president, ComStock, said: “BT Radianz’s broad connectivity will make it easier and add a compelling reason for institutions to take ComStock’s PlusFeed. With the substantial increases in algorithmic trading and data volumes, the BT Radianz offering – low latency, resilient, scalable, fully redundant, external connectivity – becomes even more important. The continuing trend in algorithmic trading to move from directional to event-driven models has reinforced the need for a consolidated feed that offers both contributed and exchange-based low latency quotes, news and reference data. We deliver real-time data from over 350 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering more than 2,300,000 instruments.”

Kevin Covington, Head of Product Development, BT Radianz, said: “Connectivity continues to be a key factor in the investment process, particularly when access to fast, reliable market data is necessary to maintain a strong position in the market. With the growth of algorithmic trading and the new policies proposed by both MiFID and Reg NMS, achieving the lowest possible latency is a major industry issue our customers need to address. We have constructed a network which is designed to facilitate fast, direct access for the distribution of this vital market information that will assist our customers both in their compliance with new market regulations and in maintaining the competitive edge.”

At a ComStock-hosted roundtable on the growth of algorithmic trading and its effect on market data feeds, a key issue discussed was the critical challenge surrounding the integration of market data into algorithmic trading applications, which are consistently varied and rewritten. Integration of market data into algorithmic trading applications is vital, and one of the biggest challenges is to manage the rapid growth of data volumes coming from the exchanges and other sources.