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CounterpartyLink Extends Product Range

19 June 2006 – London – CounterpartyLink has recently added two new offerings to its product suite. With this expansion, the company is able to serve a wider range of market segments and customer requirements, now with three standard products:

CounterpartyLink Entity Check: A new data validation product, which allows firms to quickly and easily validate their customer and counterparty lists against CounterpartyLink’s database. Customers receive a report outlining the status of each entity: fully validated match, possible duplicate, or more information is required. Where a match cannot be found after the research process, this may indicate an invalid entity in the customer’s database.

CounterpartyLink Entity View: A new online service that allows subscribers to request PDF images of current entity records from the CounterpartyLink database. The interface also enables customers with an existing CounterpartyLink subscription to conveniently add records to their interest list.

CounterpartyLink Entity Data: CounterpartyLink’s premier data product offering, which provides customers with full data records (up to 88 items per entity) for each entity in their subscription list. After an initial matching and status reporting process, customers are provided with a current data set for their entities, as well as ongoing maintenance through daily updates during the contract period.

“The continued development of the depth and coverage of the CounterpartyLink database has enabled us to offer new services to aid our customers in their compliance and data management efforts,” said Christoph Lammersdorf, Managing Director. “We view these products as exciting new ways to meet specific customer demands, create various market entry points, and clearly demonstrate the value and quality of CounterpartyLink data.”

CounterpartyLink’s focus is providing customers with cleansed, auditable and continuously updated legal entity reference data, collected and maintained to the levels required for anti-money laundering and other regulatory compliance initiatives. The types of entities covered include corporations, funds and fund managers, financial institutions and governments.

The entity data provided by CounterpartyLink data is collected in centres around the world (including the U.S., Romania, Egypt and India) and is verified and maintained using rigorous, documented procedures. Issuer and hierarchy data, as well as the identifiers and linkages needed to integrate with other data sources, are monitored continuously for corporate actions and other changes.

All CounterpartyLink data is collected from public primary or secondary sources such as company registry authorities, regulatory organisations and stock exchanges. All data collection is supported by an audit trail to aid in meeting compliance requirements.

CounterpartyLink is an exhibitor (Booth #1525) at this year’s SIA Technology Conference & Exhibit, June 20th through 22nd in New York.