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CHICAGO, June 21, 2006 – Aleri Labs, a provider of innovative event stream processing technology for the financial services industry, today introduced a new Reuters adapter for its flagship product, the Aleri Streaming Platform. The Reuters Adapter was introduced at the Securities Industry Association’s 2006 Technology Management Conference.

Aleri Labs’ Reuters Adapter allows companies to quickly and easily integrate Reuters data feeds and the Reuters Market Data System with applications built on the Aleri Streaming Platform. The adapter can be configured to monitor any number of instruments so that all updates for those instruments are streamed into the Aleri event processor in real-time. The Aleri Streaming Platform can then be used to perform value-added functions such as filtering, real-time correlation, aggregation and analysis of the data.

Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri Labs, said that the Reuters Adapter provides users with drop-in integration of market data, which is consistent with Aleri Labs’ goal of freeing users to focus on business logic rather than data handling.

“Aleri Labs is continually looking to make streaming application development as simple a process as possible. While the open interfaces of the Aleri Streaming Platform give users the ability to integrate data from practically any source, the availability of Aleri Labs’ ‘off the shelf’ adapters will further reduce deployment cost and shorten development time. We will continue to add new adapters, making it as easy as possible to deploy solutions based on the Aleri Streaming Platform.