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pancredit launches latest analytics software

Consumer and commercial finance companies will be able to manage risk more easily following the launch of pancredit’s latest software module. pancredit Analytics helps companies increase the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer service by giving better insight into relationships with specific customer groups.

The highly visual and interactive software is a big step on from the traditionally complicated and esoteric analytics solutions already on the market. Containing three modules for extracting, manipulating and reporting customer data, pancredit Analytics enables business users – not just analysts - to participate in the build, test and monitoring of scorecards, analysis of customer retention and risk status, and the creation of effective targeted marketing campaigns.

By getting to know their customers inside-out, companies are able to increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities, build relationships and consequently improve service.

"This software allows users to extract data and build models in hours, not months, as is often the case with other analytics solutions," comments Peter Constance, managing director, pancredit. "Our analytics software brings these tools a lot closer to the business allowing users to be very closely involved in the model development process.

"Until now, most lenders have struggled with balancing the, often conflicting, demands of marketing and risk. These are usually handled by separate departments, but with pancredit Analytics, they’ll be able to share information more easily at the business manager level and develop models that meet the company’s overall goals rather than that of a single department."