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London, June 20, 2006 – BT today announced that it is expanding the ITS voice trading platform to incorporate built-in voice recording and enterprise hoot and intercom capabilities. The new capabilities include IP-enabled software components which facilitate distributed working and deployment across the enterprise. This reflects BT’s strategy to help customers realise the virtual trading enterprise – delivering benefits such as increased trading effectiveness and greater scope for business continuity.

Unlike traditional voice recording systems that rely on hardware devices and dedicated storage, the BT Voice Recorder is a software-based solution. Any device connected to BT’s ITS platform can be recorded – including ITS.Netrix, earlier generation turrets, standard office phones and mobile devices. Recordings can be saved anywhere on the network, which also gives greater scope for business continuity. A digital archiving system allows all recordings to be easily and compliantly searched, retrieved and played back, as required.

The BT Enterprise Hoot and Intercom capability, also based on IP technology, is designed to enable traders and other users involved in the trade cycle to communicate using hoot and intercom functionality from a range of devices. Users will be able to securely and cost-effectively access the hoot network from trading floors and other locations across the enterprise, or while travelling or working at a remote site. The capability enables communication within and between trading floors by turret and ITS.Netrix users and enables communication with and between off-floor and back-office users equipped with IP phones or PCs.

Neil Isaacson, head of product management, BT Trading Systems said: “The decision to offer voice recording and hoot and intercom capabilities as an integral part of the ITS voice trading system reflects our strategy to promote the virtual trading organisation. A trader that is equipped with BT’s ITS Anywhere software and fully integrated ITS Hoot and Intercom systems will now be able to listen to hoots and intercoms and get a real feel for the market even when away from the main trading floor. Similarly, using the BT Voice Recorder, traders will benefit from integrated voice recording – with all conversations automatically recorded for compliance purposes, whether instigated from ITS.Netrix, earlier generation turrets, office phones or mobile device – and the ability to easily and compliantly play back the last call or search through earlier voice recordings.”