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Xenos and Oracle work together on electronic document transformation for Oracle® Content DataBase

Highly scalable Xenos d2e™ solution enables ECM archive consolidation to Oracle Content Database.

Xenos Group Inc. (TSX:XNS) today announced that Xenos is working with Oracle on electronic document transformation and repurposing for Oracle Content Database (Content DB,) the first content and records management solutions capable of managing the wide range of diverse data and metadata in a single database. Xenos d2e for Oracle Content DB transforms, repurposes and indexes documents in all major print stream formats for loading into a single Oracle repository for dynamic retrieval and Web presentment to internal and external customers. The new content management product suite announced today by Oracle helps enterprises control and manage the proliferation of electronic documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, and other unstructured files. Xenos is excited to support Oracle’s new content management strategy.

“The combination of Oracle and Xenos technology demonstrates what analysts and our customers understand; that we have the most advanced and flexible solution to help enterprises leverage business critical document content,” said Graham Barker, Director, Strategic Partners for Xenos. “Xenos d2e significantly enables Oracle’s vision as an ECM market-maker where customers now require that content management be part of a standards-based enterprise information management infrastructure within a services-oriented architecture.”

"Every business today faces complex management, integration, security, and compliance issues associated with the rapid growth of unstructured data," said Willie Hardie, Vice President, Oracle Database Marketing at Oracle. “For Oracle, the next logical step is to help enterprises consolidate and integrate business critical document content. Xenos d2e is a proven high-performance product that enables Oracle to provide a complete solution for managing high volume electronic document environments.”

Xenos d2e for Oracle Content DB allows enterprises to repurpose documents without reengineering. Xenos d2e helps enterprises migrate, update, consolidate and load multiple disparate document print stream archives into a single, scalable high performance Oracle content management solution. Xenos d2e enables enterprise efficiency through the streamlining of business processes and consolidation of disparate document archives, agility through Web-enabled customer self-service access, and accountability through simplified legal discovery and regulatory compliance. Enterprises in financial services, insurance and government are among those who will best benefit from the combined Oracle-Xenos solution.