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Foreign investors flock to Japanese recovery

Foreign ownership of Japanese equities has reached record levels this year, as more and more investors are attracted to favorable financial and property markets in Asia's largest economy, the Tokyo stock exchange has said.

Foreign investment companies now own over a quarter (26.7 per cent) of all Japanese stock, with stakes in publicly traded banks and real estate companies up to over 30 per cent, Bloomberg News reports.

The findings came as Japan's central bank delivered an optimistic economic assessment, saying that the recovery of the economy is set to continue over the coming months, with interest rates set to remain at zero in an attempt to encourage further growth.

Following what was termed the 'economic miracle' of the rise of the post-war Japanese economy, the late 90s saw an economic downturn from which the country is still slowly recovering.

However, a few years of steady growth has seen Japan begin to re-emerge as an economic power still attracting plenty of foreign investment.