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XiliX reaches the US

Tokyo JAPAN, June 15, 2006 – MetaBit has expanded its client base trading into Japan and Asian markets to the US. The first US based buy side client (undisclosed) has deployed MetaBit’s intuitive multi-broker trading application, XiliX to its night-trading desk for DMA access to Japan’s markets. MetaBit is a leader in providing FIX enabled DMA to markets in Japan and South East Asia.

MetaBit’s latest client accesses seven brokers through MetaBit’s MLH broker portal to trade on Japan’s TSE, OSE and JASDAQ. XiliX was selected for its intuitive ease of use, MetaBit’s reliable service, and providing FIX enabled access to one of the largest community of brokers in Japan connected to their Market Liquidity Hub (MLH).

“MetaBit is pleased that US buy side clients appreciate the value of our services when trading into Japan. Hedge funds and asset managers based in North America now utilize our MLH broker portal via FIX connection, or through our XiliX user interface,” says Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO. “Penetration into the US is very strategic, and signifies a milestone. More buy side clients from the US are shortly expected to join our MLH broker portal. The main reason is that buy sides can access a pure FIX hub that is independent of our own XiliX User Interface. MetaBit’s MLH broker portal is neutral and connects to any vendor or buy side’s proprietary OMS to provide low latency DMA access to 14 brokers in Japan. It is a very unique value proposition for trading Asia.”