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International Exchange Bank Goes Live with SunGard’s BancWare

Philippines 15 June 2006 – SunGard today announced that International Exchange Bank (iBank), one of the fastest growing commercial banks in the Philippines, has gone live with SunGard’s BancWare solution for trading book market risk management. This is the first step in iBank’s implementation of SunGard’s BancWare risk and performance management and Basel II solution.

SunGard’s suite of asset and liability management (ALM), risk and Basel II products will help iBank prepare for Basel II compliance, and help strengthen the bank’s risk and performance management processes. This will help place the Bank at the forefront of capital management in the Philippines. SunGard’s integrated approach to risk and performance management, and the advantage of having all requirements met by one vendor were key factors in iBank’s selection of BancWare.

Antonio Moncupa Jr, iBank executive vice president and chief finance officer, said, ”This implementation is an important first step towards iBank’s succeeding with its risk and performance management project. It is part of the bank’s overall objective to not only comply with Basel II standards, but also to achieve a strong competitive advantage in the Philippine banking industry. The improved risk adjusted performance management systems and processes iBank will enjoy with the implementation of BancWare will help contribute to overall profitability, thereby helping increase the ultimate value to our shareholders.”

iBank will use SunGard BancWare to help calculate various market risk measures, simulate scenarios and produce relevant market risk reports for its treasury operations as well as across its trust clients’ portfolios. iBank utilises BancWare’s ability to address the market risk management needs of both commercial banking and wealth management, measuring and managing the risks of treasury portfolio and the portfolios of the bank’s trust customers.

Melise Arnaldo-Tagle, iBank first vice president and chief risk officer, said, “SunGard’s BancWare will help us to identify and evaluate risk. The enhanced risk measurement and management resulting from this implementation will help provide us with more timely, accurate and relevant information on risk measurement and profitability. As such, we will be able to focus more on tactical decision making, and the achievement of our strategic goals.”

John Wilson, president of SunGard’s Asia Pacific business unit, said, “We are very pleased to announce the success of this first step of the iBank implementation. This is a significant stage of the project as it takes iBank closer to achieving its objective of leadership in the Philippine banking industry. A progressive and innovative institution, iBank is the first of SunGard’s customers to implement BancWare for Basel II compliance and enhanced banking book risk and performance management in the Philippines, and is also one of the first in the Asia Pacific region to do so. This successful implementation marks the strength of SunGard’s partnership with iBank, and reinforces its commitment to the Philippine financial sector. SunGard’s approach is to support its customers in the achievement of their goals, including Basel II compliance and improved operational management.”