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SunGard Launches Adaptiv Analytics For High Performance Enterprise-wide Market And Credit Risk Management

LONDON – 13 June, 2006 - SunGard today announced the launch of Adaptiv Analytics, a solution for rapid computation of complex risk calculations. Adaptiv Analytics provides an extensible framework for distributing complex portfolio-level risk calculations across a grid of servers. The solution can be tailored to help financial services institutions meet requirements for market and credit risk management.

As volumes and complexity of traded products increase, existing IT solutions within financial services institutions are unable to perform risk calculations in the required timeframes. This means that financial services institutions may be running their businesses on inaccurate and incomplete risk information. By utilising modern technologies Adaptiv Analytics supports extensibility in trade, risk factor and portfolio models to keep pace with product and methodology evolution, whilst providing scalability of hardware to meet increasing volumes. Adaptiv Analytics is available on a stand-alone basis and also acts as the core calculation engine for Adaptiv’s market and credit risk solutions.

“Adaptiv Analytics has been designed to take advantage of multi-core and grid technology on the upcoming generation of Intel® Xeon® processor-based systems based on the Intel Core microarchitecture to help deliver complex risk calculations in the shortest imaginable timeframes," said Greg Symon, director of global software solutions for Intel. "The close collaboration between Intel and SunGard’s Adaptiv team has resulted in a solution that can scale to help meet the demands of our joint customers in both market and credit risk.”

Juerg Hunziker, president of SunGard’s Adaptiv business unit, stated, “Adaptiv Analytics is an innovative solution that will help enhance credit and market risk systems by providing high performance computing in a cost-effective package.”