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13th June, 2006

London – Reuters (LSE: RTR, NASDAQ: RTRSY) today announced that the leading European equity broker CA Cheuvreux is taking the Reuters Tick Capture Engine (RTCE) to enhance its brokerage and execution services. CA Cheuvreux is a member of the Crédit Agricole group.

CA Cheuvreux will use the Reuters Tick Capture Engine to develop, test and fine-tune new trading strategies based on trade and order book data across the fifteen main European exchanges it is a member of. The broker is enhancing its custom built algorithmic trading model using RTCE to enable it to analyze the rising volumes of real-time tick data in order to execute trades.

Powered by Vhayu Technologies, Reuters Tick Capture engine is the leading platform for tick capture and real-time streaming analysis supporting cross-asset trading and compliance. It is fully integrated with Reuters content and Reuters Market Data System and includes the latest Reuters VWAP Module.

Reuters Tick Capture Engine runs on the powerful and scalable Intel® Xeon™ processor-based server platform. Reuters and Intel worked with CA Cheuvreux before the sale to demonstrate the performance capabilities of RTCE running on an Intel processor.

Bertrand Patillet, Chief Operating Officer , said: “CA Cheuvreux’s ambition is to provide state of the art algorithmic trading facilities to its customers. Reuters Tick Capture Engine analytics platform provides us with a competitive advantage by back-testing theories and strategies across massive amounts of data to bring new trading strategies to market quickly. The combination of Reuters content expertise and integration skills with Reuters Market Data System was critical to our decision to use the product.”

Jon Robson, Global Head of Focus Group Account sales at Reuters, said: “We are delighted to continue our deep relationship with CA Cheuvreux. The Reuters Tick Capture Engine provides great technology and great content, fully integrated out-of-the-box. We believe it is vital to support business requirements like pre-trade analysis, algorithmic trading, and transaction cost analysis.”

Pascal Lassaigne, Senior Sales director of Enterprise Strategic Initiatives, Intel France, said: “Intel has partnered with Reuters to combine the experience and strength of an industry leader in financial services with Intel’s agility and proven technology. We are pleased to be working with Reuters to help industry leaders like CA Cheuvreux deliver the open, versatile and reliable solutions they need.”