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New NCR Solution Brings CRM Functionality to the ATM

NCR extends its APTRA Relate product set with Customer Power Manager, enabling banks to move CRM onto the ATM and beyond

BARCELONA – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced the availability of Customer Power Manager for APTRA™ Relate. This campaign planning and analytics software is a new addition to the APTRA Relate suite of products and enables financial services organisations to extend existing Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) programmes to their ATMs quickly and cost-effectively. It is also completely extensible, providing a powerful tool to launch CRM functionality across multiple banking channels – including the Internet, branch and ATM.

Many banks have been using CRM systems for a number of years to deep profile customers and target them more effectively with relevant products and services. To date, the focus has been on the direct mail, Internet, customer contact centre and branch channels –

not the self-service channel. ATMs are used for 76 billion transactions a year, equating to 80 percent of the total interactions that a bank has with its customers. They have the potential to deliver banks or third party advertisers a captive, attentive and identifiable audience over an average of 30–40 seconds each time they are used. This ‘dwell time’ compares favourably with TV, radio and other types of ambient advertising in addition to direct mail.

Customer Power Manager for APTRA Relate is a complete ATM and multichannel campaign management tool. NCR’s Customer Power products are already successfully used by a number of retail, telecoms and banking customers worldwide for campaign planning and analytics across traditional CRM channels. This functionality has now been extended into the APTRA Relate product set, enabling ATMs – the banking industry’s most used channel – to deliver compelling messages about key products and services as part of a multichannel marketing campaign.

Customer Power Manager for APTRA Relate allows easy linkage with the bank’s existing customer information system, enabling the bank to run targeted and event-based marketing campaigns to individual customers through the ATM channel. Follow-up with customers expressing interest in any particular offer can then occur at their preferred channel, for example, through the call centre or direct mail. This new addition to APTRA Relate also provides enhanced reporting capabilities, making it easy for banks to track the success of their campaigns. Any information that is gathered at the ATM channel can be fed back to enrich the bank’s customer information system.

APTRA Relate can also be used to personalise the ATM transaction. Personalisation consists of a named greeting for the customer when they begin their transaction and also language, favourite transaction and receipt options that can be saved for the consumer at the ATM. This means that every time the customer goes to the ATM, they are first given the option of their favourite transaction, which is not only more convenient, but also shortens the overall transaction time for the consumer.

OCBC Bank in Singapore has successfully used APTRA Relate in an award-winning project to extend its CRM system from its branches and contact centre to its ATM estate. OCBC have seen a 50 per cent higher uptake for their ATM campaigns compared to similar direct mail campaigns, at less than half the cost. In addition, they have reduced their transaction times by between 30 and 70 per cent.

“According to Retail Banking Research, there are more than 300 trillion ‘please wait’ seconds at ATMs worldwide each year,” commented Ruth Fornell, vice president for the Europe, Middle East, Africa region of NCR’s Financial Solutions Division. “The APTRA Relate suite of products enables banks to use this time more effectively for integrated, permission-based marketing campaigns.

“The ATM has proved highly-successful at automating routine transactions, including cash withdrawals, cash and cheque deposits and balance enquiries, in a cost-effective way,” she continued. “It has evolved into an important relationship-building and communications tool, which now has the power of CRM behind it.”