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Barclays and AIM Technology win The Banker’s Customer Service Award

June 9, 2006

Barclays and AIM Technology have been awarded the prestigious ‘Assisted Customer Service Solution of the Year' in The Banker Technology Awards 2006, for Barclays’ Contact Centre Performance Management Initiative based on AIM Technology’s AIMCall solution (now known as AIM Performance Suite).

The Banker Technology Awards are designed to provide financial institutions and their clients around the world with an objective analysis of the technological expertise that exists within key business areas. The Awards highlight those solutions and projects that have made a real difference over the past 12 months.

Wyn Lloyd-Jones of Barclays said: “AIMCall has helped Barclays to improve contact centre performance. Agents feel motivated and valued. Attrition rates have dropped and customer satisfaction has increased. We are absolutely delighted that our achievements have been recognised through such a prestigious award.”

Barclays estimated savings beyond 8,000 work hours and £450,000 per year, by making its UK call centres more effective using AIMCall, a multidimensional performance management system. Reduced manual reporting, lower average call handling time and increased agent availability have been achieved by enabling intricate measurements and high level insights through multidimensional data analysis.

Barclays has installed AIMCall across 5,000 agent seats across five divisional contact centres. Each division has its own data mart from which data is drawn into analysis services or an OLAP data cube, where it is analysed in order to generate the information required.

Tony Hayward, CEO, AIM Technology, said: “This award highlights the positive impact that performance management can have on customer service in financial services. Improving effectiveness of customer service requires deep measurement and understanding of performance against the Key Performance Indicators of the business, and Barclays is rightly rewarded for the excellent progress it has made.”