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Information Mosaic first to enter B.I.S.S. 2006 Corporate Actions Benchmarking

London, UK June 7th 2006 – CityCompass Research, the leading independent Research company in the financial services sector, today announced that Information Mosaic has agreed to enter the B.I.S.S. Corporate Actions benchmarking process.

Gary Wright, Managing Director, CityCompass Research and creator of the unique business benchmarking concept said “We are delighted that Information Mosaic continues to support this unique benchmarking and are once again first to market and we will be announcing further entries very soon.

The market for Corporate Actions systems is very competitive and over the years the B.I.S.S. Benchmarking has truly highlighted those systems that are without doubt, market leaders and this year will be no exception.

The functionality for Corporate Actions processing continues to develop each year, reaffirming the value of attaining the B.I.S.S. Gold Accreditation.

Last year the B.I.S.S. Report was sold worldwide clearly demonstrating the wide interest in the results and we are anticipating the demand for the 2006 report to exceed last years demand.

Over the years B.I.S.S. Benchmarking has built a real barrier to entry into the Corporate Actions market for vendors with good marketing, but limited functionality. It’s noticeable that only a few vendors have been able to prove without any doubt to buyers, that they have live systems functionality and have passed the benchmarking tests. These vendors must be congratulated for taking part in a transparent process that publicly proves their system’s quality. Well done Information Mosaic for becoming the first entry in 2006”

Information Mosaic said “Due to our significant development pipeline on our leading product, CAMA™, we are looking forward to the B.I.S.S. Benchmark challenge. We always enjoy the impeccable professionalism and attention to detail of the benchmarking team”