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Only CQG TradeFlow™ shows what’s really driving the markets

Denver, CO, June 1, 2006 – CQG’s new TradeFlow™ charts and studies give traders an exclusive new way to see the inside market.

Available in CQG 7.3, TradeFlow’s color-coded bars instantly show the flow of buying and selling at the inside market, providing a way to analyze price independently of time.

Green indicates the volume of contracts traded at the offer, and red indicates the volume traded at the bid.

CQG’s TradeFlow suite includes a new chart type and these two powerful studies:
1. TradeFlow Volume™separates the traded volume based on buyers versus sellers.
2. TradeFlow On-Balance Volume™tracks buying versus selling trends.

Traders using CQG 7.3 have access to a level of market transparency previously available only to traders on the exchange floors. This enables them to adjust positions in advance of market momentum swings.

After several months of limited availability, CQG version 7.3 with TradeFlow will be
released to the general public on June 9. During a recent demonstration of TradeFlow, Mark Fisher, founder of MBF Clearing Corp. and author of The Logical Trader, said: “This is a tool I will use.”

CQG’s TradeFlow charts show the electronic trader market aggression by graphically displaying volume hitting the bid or lifting the offer. TradeFlow gives traders the edge they need.