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New capital investments from Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has launched two new capital protected investments which deliver low cost exposure to Japanese and Far Eastern equities.

Designed for professional investors, the first offers 165 per cent of the growth in the Nikkei 225 over six years, while the other investment offers 130 per cent growth in a number of Far Eastern indices over five years.

As well as offering exposure to some of the world's fastest moving markets, both investments provide the additional security of 100 per cent capital protection.

Deutsche Banks anticipates the investments will be popular particularly given the unprecedented recent growth seen in the South Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese markets.

Sam Forster, Deutsche Bank director, said: "We have persistently been told that 100 per cent capital protection is what is required in this market and we've even taken the opportunity to back the shares ourselves to ensure investors get a substantial level of security.

"We will provide liquidity to the secondary market and have structured the shares in a way that should give additional transparency to their pre-maturity value."