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Sayula releases AddFive 1.0.

30 May 2006. Sayula Financial Technology the premier provider of advanced server-based execution software for Microsoft Excel, today announced the official release of version 1.0 of its flagship product AddFive. The new version adds a significant number of powerful execution capabilities, including native support for grid computing type of server deployment. In AddFive's grid-computing model Excel-activated analytics can be (re)executed in real-time on dynamically configurable pools of market data-enabled Linux, Solaris, or Windows engines. AddFive's architecture allows for the centralized deployment of analytic functions that can become immediately available to all Excel users in the local network, behaving exactly as built-in Excel functions. Due to its generic nature, AddFive can effectively eliminate the need for a large number of client-deployed enterprise add-ins, thus greatly improving Excel's add-in maintenance and management.

The most flexible and efficient Yield Curves. Building on its extensible architecture, AddFive 1.0 incorporates an important set of Fixed Income-specific application features, including one of the most flexible frameworks for the deployment and maintenance of Swap curves. In AddFive's curve framework, centrally-maintained curve definitions drive the calculation and publishing of content-rich Swap curve data in real-time. The actual building, recalculation and interpolation of the curve is carried out by designated grid computing engines executing customer-proprietary or third party analytic functions, deployed just like any other standard AddFive function. Published curve data can be either used by a number of AddFive's Excel models, or it can be directly consumed by any other interested application in the local network.

Supporting the curve framework, AddFive 1.0 includes a set of powerful real-time constructs like composite records, platform-independent record layouts, and multiple field identifier dictionaries that provide for the efficient reuse of scarce platform-specific (e.g. Triarch FIDs) market data field identifiers. "The new curve framework included in 1.0 is a great example of the power of AddFive's extensible architecture. It is this high degree of extensibility what allows us to react so quickly to customer real needs, and come up with high-performing, very scalable solutions that can give our customers all the freedom they need to keep extending the system on their own" said Mr. Cristian Alzati, Sayula's CTO. "And in line with AddFive's mantra of consistent analytics everywhere, curve calculations are completely driven by the actual curve definition, so that any changes in the definition will immediately and consistently propagate to all listening applications".

Sayula's flagship product AddFive comprises a multi OS grid computing framework and a high-performance add-in that transparently integrates the framework's powerful features in Microsoft Excel as native Excel functionality. Included features are multi-vendor real time retrieving and contributing functions, centrally-defined generic Excel models, centrally-defined holiday calendars, and dynamically integrated customer proprietary or third-party analytic libraries.