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CIS Launches New Claims Management System

26th May 2006

CIS, one of the leading motor insurers in the UK, continues with its programme of change which has already realised £30m of savings with the launch of its new Claims Management System based on leading edge SAP technology.

The new system will now play an integral part in CIS’s Claims Transformation Programme which began 18 months ago that has seen the introduction of a completely new claims organisational structure that has fewer, larger, more specialised claims offices and the introduction of a Claims Contact Centre managing First Notification of Loss more effectively with the customer.

In order to achieve this transformation, in record time, CIS partnered with Accenture and SAP. The partnership combines Accenture’s deep claims process knowledge and systems integration skills with SAP’s software expertise. The claims handling system includes claims management, and business intelligence.

Implementation of this new claims technology is seen as a key step in building on the £30m cost of claims benefit realised to date through a series of anti-fraud and operational improvement measures.

Jon Taylor, Claims Transformation Programme Leader at CIS said “I’m delighted with how quickly CIS has introduced this new system, implementation of the SAP system has been completed in record time with only 10 months between software selection and full live operation. We thought we had set ourselves a very aggressive target driven by the urgent need to realise savings as quickly as possible, but we have come in a full four months ahead of schedule”.

“The system is already supporting 150 business users on Motor claims with over 350 scheduled to be live by the end of July 2006, followed by a further 150 users when Household claims are added later this year. This is already resulting in a significant number of claims being dealt with in a single phone call from the customer, improving customer service and reducing overall claims costs”.

“A very unusual aspect of this project is that we are using the system to reinforce savings that we have already made, rather than having to wait for the system to come on-line in order to get any benefits. Organisational and process changes have driven the benefits, the SAP system has then made the changes concrete and sustainable.”

David Wilson, the Accenture senior executive leading Accenture’s work on the CIS project said: “The programme is a model of significant business transformation supported by the latest IT solutions. There are many reasons for the project’s success, but the co-operation and single-minded focus shared by CIS, Accenture and SAP on delivering high performance business outcomes was a major contributor”.

Norman Black SAP’s Head of Insurance Solutions UK said, “Much has been written about the promise of modern claims technology. With CIS, SAP and Accenture are delivering on that promise, further improving customer service and radically reducing the cost of claims”.