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Capitalia Joins EuroGlobalMTS As Volumes Reach Record Levels

London, 25 May 2006

EuroGlobalMTS, the market dedicated to the euro-denominated government securities of non-EU member States, is pleased to announce that Capitalia S.p.A. has become a Market Maker, increasing the total number of dealers supporting liquidity in the EuroGlobalMTS market to 18. In addition, volumes continue to grow and reached a daily record of €69 million this week.

Gianluca Garbi, chief executive officer of EuroMTS, said: “MTS is dedicated to increasing liquidity for fixed-income securities across the eurozone and beyond. We are therefore pleased with the continued growth of turnover on the EuroGlobalMTS market and welcome the joining of Capitalia as a liquidity provider.”

Twenty bonds now trade on EuroGlobalMTS. In order to qualify for listing, bonds must have a minimum maturity of 15 months and a minimum outstanding size of (i) €500 million in respect of Central and Eastern European countries or (ii) €750 million in respect of the geographic regions of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In addition, each security must be actively supported by at least eight committed Market Makers.