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OKLAHOMA CITY, May 25, 2006 - Endpoint Exchange LLC, a Metavante company, today announced that Guaranty Bank, a Temple-Inland company, has joined the company's rapidly growing national check image exchange network, with more than 4,000 member institutions enrolled across the country.

With assets of approximately $17 billion, Guaranty Bank is one of the largest financial institutions owned by a Texas-based company. It operates more than 150 banking centers in Texas and California and serves over 300,000 families.

Guaranty Bank converted its image-item processing platform to AFS ImageVision in 2004 and will deploy AFS ImageVision Courier to interface to the Endpoint Exchange Network. The AFS ImageVision Courier interface is designed to take full advantage of all the functionality of the Endpoint Exchange Network, including forward presentment, incoming and outgoing returns and adjustments, and automated image quality assurance for exchanged images. The Endpoint Exchange Network manages check image exchange for over 4,000 routing and transit endpoints across the country.

"We view this as a significant step toward our ultimate goal of exchanging images on a large scale. Phasing into an image exchange environment will enable us to work in new procedures, policies, and workflow while in a dual paper and image mode of operation, and will also generate cost advantages for Guaranty Bank," said Mike Meyer, vice president of Guaranty Bank. "Improved collection time, reductions in processing and courier costs, and faster identification of fraudulent items will result in greater efficiency, less expense and increased profitability."

The Endpoint Exchange Network has become a leading electronic check image exchange provider for the financial services industry, processing for more than 4,000 U.S. financial institutions across the country. Endpoint Exchange's support of all industry standard exchange formats provides the full cross-platform interoperability that financial institutions need to exchange check images in a multi-lateral environment.