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Soliton Inc. extends its enterprise data management model for hedge fund client, Joho Capital L.L.C. by incorporating Capital IQ data

Company financials data integrated and modelled by the TimeSquare data management solution.

TORONTO, CANADA – May 23, 2006 – Soliton Inc., a leading provider of data management solutions, today announced the deployment, at Joho Capital LLC. of the extended TimeSquare data management solution incorporating reported and adjusted company financial data from Capital IQ.

The TimeSquare data management solution provides a process for loading, integrating and modelling company financial and exchange data from a variety of sources. This latest development extends its coverage to include Capital IQ’s US company financial data.

Joho Capital, an innovative hedge fund specialising in Asian investments, implemented TimeSquare in 2004 to integrate numerous data sources and to create customized analytical reporting across multiple countries, companies and industries. TimeSquare’s financial analytics model provides Joho Capital with a unified data model and an application interface for extracting data and deriving ratios. “The TimeSquare solution offers us complete flexibility to choose our preferred data source.” says Tim McManus, Chief Financial Officer for Joho Capital, L.L.C.. “As a result, the solution is tailored to our data requirements, giving us a significant competitive edge. The addition of Capital IQ data further supports our requirement for quality, specialised data. ”

“This extended development builds on our existing technology and fits in with our roadmap of broadening the TimeSquare solution to cover the full range of data required for enterprise data management,” notes Nazir Noormohamed, President & CEO of Soliton Inc. “We are delighted to be able to offer this tailored approach to hedge fund data management.”

The mutually beneficial relationship with Capital IQ provides financial institutions with access to a superior quality data feed in a framework which facilitates the comparison of company financials and fundamental data and can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into an organisation internal system.